Is Addiction turning your Family’s life upside down?

Do you have an adult child who is an addict – or are you living with a recently recovering addict and walking on eggshells, nervous and at your wits’ end about what to say or expect?

Do you have other children who are being affected by the addict? Caught up in the whirlwind yet left out of any treatment?

Do you have a friend, colleague or family member who is dealing with addiction their family? They are suffering and are not operating at their best – and their distress is probably impacting you, too! They may need your encouragement to reach out to someone like me for help.

Let’s have a confidential conversation about how I can help.

A Complimentary Strategy Session is a confidential conversation

by phone or by Skype so I can listen and begin to help.

If you are struggling to cope with another’s addiction, again I warmly invite you to reach out to me and begin our conversation by scheduling your Complimentary Strategy Session.

If you have a colleague, co-worker, client, friend or family member struggling to deal with another’s addiction, please give them the gift of their own Complimentary Strategy Session by referring them ASAP.

Do it for YOU, do it for THEM … do it RIGHT AWAY.  I look forward to talking about it – it’s what I do best!

Call me at 201-452-1432 or email me at to set up your confidential appointment

Jerri Shankler http://healthsavy.com
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