How can I help?

Come on in, have a seat. How can I help? What brings you here today? office072

Let’s talk about what you think the problem is; what have you done about it in the past; what do you think you want to do about it now. We’ll talk about how to develop emotional skills to deal with the problem. And we’ll identify milestones and markers so you know you are making progress. Together,¬† we can find the inner wisdom you may not realize that you have, and develop inner strength to affect your “outer” life.

Some sessions you may just need to talk, to have someone hold that sacred space for you to feel comfortable to say what you need to say. Some sessions, you may do more listening when you are learning about skills, and some sessions may be very active where you practice the skills so that you can use them when you get home, get to work or get in the car.

I am a big believer in mindfulness and empowerment. As an adjunct to your therapy sessions, I often recommend books, articles and websites that relate to what we are working on. In line with a mind-body-spirit  philosophy, we might talk about what kind of exercise or movement you are getting or could benefit from. What are you eating? How do you feel after you eat sugar or caffeine. And what moves your spirit?

Today’s reading recommendation can benefit almost anyone:

Happier by Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph. D.

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