What to expect in therapy

After the question how much, the question how long is often asked. How long will this take, how long do I have to come?  It’s a fair question, but not always easy to answer. If you enter a program, such as an addiction treatment program, you are usually given an expected length of stay, such […]

Empowerment through choice

It’s about choice. Especially when it comes to mental health care. We have become captives of our health plans, thinking that we can only choose from within the network. On the medical side, there are more choices, but not always when you get to specialists. On the mental health side, it gets even more complicated, […]

Psycho what?

Sometimes people ask me what I do. Often, when I say I am a therapist, they ask what kind of therapist: massage? physical? No, I tell me, psychotherapist. Ohhhhhhh, I see, they murmur, as they slowly back away from me. I think some people get hung up on the “psycho” part. And if they are […]

Welcome to my office!

Last Monday was a snowy, winter wonderland in Northern NJ, again. A great day to snuggle in and prorastinate. Alas, now the snow is melted and spring is in the air,so there is no excuse to procrastinate. So without further ado, Welcome to my office!   This is the door of my main office; I do […]

Keeping it simple

That is the best way I can think to start blogging. Just setting up a blog is exciting and a little overwhelming!  So many options, so many directions, so many distractions! So, to keep it simple, I’ll start with some basics about addiction and options and opportunities for moving into recovery. As far a language […]

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