Experiment day two: Clearing for healing

I love what I do. I am absolutely passionate about my career choice. The focus is ever evolving, I am still in the helping/healing field, but I am not doing it the same way I was over 20 years ago.  I am fortunate also that I get so many gifts, spiritual gifts from my clients/patients.  They teach me a lot. In the beginning of my career, when I had little experience, my clients taught me how to help them.

When we get out of our own way, we are often the expert about ourselves. That’s not to say that we don’t need guidance, education and support, but we often know what needs to be fixed.  The support helps us recognize our strengths, so we have resources to fix what needs to be fixed, to become whole again, to live as a whole person, to live a whole and authenic life.

I decided that clearing my desk would be a good start to reducing the distractions so that I could focus on the blogging experiment. At least now I have a space to work, and that tipping over pile of mixed papers is now clearly into manageable piles. I know what is in each pile, and what needs to happen next with it. The junk mail is in the recycling basket.

Among the interesting items I found in the pile was this quote from a client: “So much of therapy is bringing a boat to those who are adrift.”  What a wise person, a wise young person. I can say that now that I am over 50. Who gives who the gifts?

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