For Families and Friends

For  friends and families of addicts and alcoholics

First Step Strategy Session

  • complimentary (value is $225)
  • telephone
  • confidential
  • clearly identify the problem keeping you up at night and what it will take to get the results you want

Introductory Package

  • 4 one on one sessions for you to strategize and begin to take action
  • in-person, by telephone or via Skype
  • can be used as you like over a 1 month period: 1 a week, 4 days in a row, etc

VIP days

  • Very Important Parent
  • 1 day intensive
  • In person or virtually via telephone or Skype
  • Your day to work with me to map out your plan

Peace in the Eye of the Storm 6 month program

  • Individual/Family
  • Convenient access as program is delivered via telephone or Skype
  • Weekly calls
  • Email support
  • Development of your family’s personalized recovery plan for taking care of the family no matter what the addict does
    • Boundaries
    • Learn how to take care of the rest of the family
    • How to explain what is happening to other children and include them in the recovery plan
    • Crisis intervention
    • Contracts
    • Detaching with love
    • Keeping the family safe
    • How to get the addict help when s/he is ready
    • Communication Skills
    • And other skills, support and strategies specific to your family’s needs


For anyone interested in personal growth

For anyone interested in the topic

“Small plate taster” 90 min intro workshops

Full day workshops

  • Hands-on
  • Deeper exploration of the topic
  • Topics such as:
    • Stress management
    • Journaling
    • Communication Skills http://healthsavy.com
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