Journaling for healing and the experiment

Ok so here’s the experiment. Blog for at least 15 minutes daily. After 21 days, I hope that the habit will be ingrained. Oh, you thought this was a challenge for you?  I believe that you could get a healing benefit from doing it, so much so, that I am taking the challenge myself.

What brought this on? Well, partly looking at the last update (hanging my head).  Partly was a very invigorating conversation with fellow weavers and spinners last night about blogging. One of the women asked how long I spend blogging every day. I started to laugh, then realized what a great question that was. I could continue to hang my head, or turn it around into a postive challenge. Hmmm, just the kind of thing I might suggest to you, in my professional capacity.

Journaling has been recommended as a healing tool for a long time. Sometimes, new journalers are intimidated and overwhelmed. They compare themselves, wondering if they are doing it “right”. I’m not sure that there is one right way to journal; the right way is the way that works for you.

Journaling can be words carefully penned in a beautifully bound blank book.  Journaling can be pictures, drawn, sketched or cut out from magazines, or favorite, meaninful photos or memorabilia. Or any combination of the above, or any of many creative mediums that you can imagine. Or blogging.

I remember a quote by Carol Christ, that our stories validate who we are. How powerful! It matters less if your story matters to others than if it matters to you.  Our stories include our private and public faces; personal and professional. Not all the details are appropriate in every venue, that’s about boundaries. The most important thing is that you tell you story, or you share your knowledge.

Take the challenge. Enjoy the process of healing. Journal well!

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