Here’s one the wonderful things about working with me as your family’s addiction recovery coach: you can meet with me and get coached from ANYWHERE! Coaching is done virtually via phone or Skype. My preference is Skype. Or in my office in Pine Brook, NJ.

First Step Session:

A complimentary 1/2 hour telephone session for you to take the first step in deciding what to do next to help yourself so you know how to appropriately help a loved one struggling with addiction.  Schedule your session now!

VIP  Day (VERY Important Parents):

Imagine time to map out your plan to step out of the addiction drama and get your life back, one on one (one coach to one family), totally focused on you and your concerns.  Families can often do more in this one session that they can in months of tradtional therapy.

Peace in the Eye of the Storm Program:

Just for you, 6 months of focused support. Not a lukewarm, cookie cutter “family” program, but a program of support based on you unique situation and your family’s unique needs. A Personalized Plan for a family with an active young adult addict in the home or still supported by you OR for those with a newly recovering addict.


  •       Four 1/2 hour phone coaching sessions per month
  •       One 20 minutes wild card phone coaching session per month
  •       Education, videos, handouts, scripts specific to your needs
  •       Email support
  •       1 virtual (via phone or Skype) or in person VIP day
  •       Bonus tickets to my live workshops and events

Want to know more?

email me: http://healthsavy.com
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